Switzerland’s Taste Week will take place from 14 to 24 September 2023.

This year, root vegetables and tubers are in the spotlight.

What is Swiss Taste Week?

Switzerland’s Taste Week is a national movement that celebrates the pleasure of gastronomy joining together with sustainable development. It highlights products and producers who are passionate about their work, with the aim of promoting quality products that taste authentic while respecting regional culinary and winemaking traditions.

One of the week’s main objectives is to make younger generations aware of flavours and smells from an early age. But the initiative is not limited to an education in taste; it also attaches great importance to promoting producers, as well as preserving Switzerland’s culinary heritage and food diversity.

Taste Week 2023 in Novae school restaurants

Since learning happens by experience, tastings and games are on the menu in Novae school restaurants!

Here are some examples of what to expect:

1 – Awakening the senses


>On the plates: throughout the week, schoolchildren will have at least one root vegetable or tuber on the menu each day

>Entertainment: a juice bar will be open as another way of enjoying these very special vegetables

Touch, smell, hear, see (and taste again)

>The children will have access to informative posters and workshops, where they can learn how to recognise different products and their seeds in their raw forms.

2 – Making learning fun 

A whole school competition has been planned, as well as small group activities in the form of riddles to spark the children’s curiosity.

Nutritional benefits of root vegetables

Root vegetables and tubers were chosen for taste week because they are essential components of a healthy diet. Here are some examples of their nutritional benefits:

Boost your neurons: thanks to the carbohydrates present in these foods in the form of starch, your intestines can produce the hormone of well-being and happiness. Fibre allows our intestinal bacteria (the microbiota) to regenerate, and these bacteria have an influence on our personality.

Super vitamins and minerals: Root vegetables like carrots, beetroot and potatoes are packed with important vitamins like vitamin A, which is great for our eyes, and minerals like potassium, which keeps our muscles strong.

The power of energy: Tubers like potatoes and sweet potatoes contain carbohydrates that give us the energy we need to play and run.

Health: They contain fibre, which helps our digestive system function properly and digest food well.

Amazing colours: Root vegetables come in all kinds of colours, like bright orange carrots and vibrant red beetroot. These colours mean the vegetables contain antioxidants that protect our body.

Friends to our skeleton: Some root vegetables like parsnips contain calcium, which is excellent for strong bones.

Sweet treats: Root vegetables are sometimes naturally sweet in taste, like carrots. They are a delicious way to eat healthily.

In short, root vegetables and tubers are like superfoods that give our body everything it needs to be fit, strong and healthy.

Novae recipes for cooking with the family at home

If you want to keep learning at home, our Novae chefs are happy to share their recipes with you. Discover a delicious recipe that’s both tasty and environmentally friendly.

Novae recipes for cooking with the family at home

If you want to keep learning at home, our Novae chefs are happy to share their recipes with you.

Discover a delicious recipe that’s both tasty and environmentally friendly: Vegetable Peel Pakoras

As a bonus, for a sweet treat at the end of a meal, try out this recipe: Carrot Cake

>> The Novae Chefs invite you to share photos of your creations on social media(Facebook and Instagram) @novae_restauration #semainedugoutnovae ‍ ️

Swiss Taste Week is one tasty initiative

At Novae, we love offering young people unique culinary experiences that encourage them to explore the world of flavour.

The 2023 Taste Week highlights the health benefits of root vegetables and tubers, while encouraging everyone to cook and raising awareness of sustainable development.

For Novae, the week becomes an exciting sensory learning ground for children. We offer workshops, tastings and games to help children explore all the flavours, textures and colours of these nutritious foods. The goal is to educate while having fun, and to encourage curiosity and connection with nature through food.

In short, we celebrate pleasure and health coming together, while raising children’s awareness of the importance of sustainable food choices.

So, join our taste adventure! Test our Chefs’ recipes at home to bring the family together around delicious culinary discoveries.

We look forward to seeing your creations on social media: @novae_restauration #semainedugoutnovae