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Moments of sharing to enhance daily life through human interaction by listening, and by attending to the small authentic touches that make a difference. Residents who continue to eat well, and families who are reassured.

A word from the site manager

Arnaud Clémentin - Manager - Geneva Canton

” We care, and we understand that being part of a nursing home means meeting the expectations of residents as closely as possible. My team and I take the time to learn and respect the eating habits of each resident and to adapt our cooking to the various textures they require.

We offer two different menus each day, both for lunch and for dinner, and are labeled “homemade.” About 90% of our cooking is done on-site with fresh, local, and sustainable products — and it makes all the difference to have our own pastry chef on-site to make delicious desserts!

We value health and happiness. When you have a fragile constitution, eating healthy food is essential. Meals are also a time for sharing and maintaining social relationships. To satisfy the residents of your institution, offer them a team that is passionate about putting happiness on their plates!”

At Novae, we do everything possible to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for each person. It’s not enough for the team at your restaurant to offer moments of culinary pleasure that are so important to seniors, but to brighten up their daily lives through human interaction and by listening — and by attending to the small details that can make a big difference.

"Bringing as much pleasure as possible to our residents in nursing homes is what motivates us."
12+ years

All of our relationships in the healthcare field have lasted for more than 12 years.

We are dedicated

Our work in healthcare facilities is a mixture of altruism, listening to the residents on a daily basis and, when it comes to food, the constant search for a balance between just the right taste and texture. Feeling good about what we provide to residents, through our cooking and caring, has become our driving force. Through our daily encounters, meaningful relationships are formed. We always enjoy accompanying residents, and we often participate in the activities. We really feel like part of the team!

Why choose Novae ?

  • Menu diversity: every day, a choice of two dishes per menu
  • Tasty, colorful and textured dishes
  • Respect for tastes, dietary needs and nutritional requirements
  • “Homemade,” healthy, and transparent cuisine
  • Quality and seasonal products, ultra-local, coming from less than 70 km away

We hear you

In healthcare facilities, mealtime is often the most important time of the day for residents. The kitchen team maintains a very close relationship with them and is attentive to their needs.

Client testimonial

Pia Linder - Résidence les Pervenches

” For years, we’ve been lucky enough to have a great team of professionals. They imagine and cook gourmet menus for our residents, IEPA occupants and staff. They delight our taste buds every day, 7 days a week, all year round.

Thank you to Novae for training employees with the ability to listen, expertise and interpersonal skills. “

Thank you to Novae for training employees with the ability to listen, expertise and interpersonal skills.

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Additional services


Don't hesitate to ask us what we can do for your cocktail parties, family receptions, theme days, or any other specific needs.

Activities and workshops

We offer culinary and nutritional activities, workshops with our chefs, visits to our agricultural partners, or the the creation of "solidarity soup" (soup prepared and donated to associations for people in need.)

Customized menus

We are happy to design an alternative menu for your teams and families who do not have the same needs as the residents of your heathcare facility.

Technical projects

Our specialists can help you manage your technical projects, from concept to layout and space design.

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