Our services

Additional services

Special Events

Don't hesitate to ask what we can do for your cocktail parties, , receptions, or any other specific needs.


Our app allows your teams to consult menus online, order "click and collect" meals, and to chat with us.

Digital tools

Make life easier for your restaurant with our communication solutions -- screens and totems, cashiering, as well as counting and flow management.

24/7 and takeout

To go beyond the traditional restaurant, we offer vending machines, self-scanning, autonomous cash registers, as well as connected fridges and lockers.

Activities and workshops

Looking to give your restaurant a boost? Here are just a few of our ideas: ethnic cuisine, activities on nutrition, the highlighting of local products and producers, conferences...

Coffee areas

Would you like a break from breaks? We can also take care of the management of your break areas with the provision of coffee machines, by restocking, taking care of maintenance, etc.


For your outings, we offer tasty picnics with limited packaging -- in keeping with our goal of zero waste.

Camps and vacation

If you wish, we can organize catering service for your camps and during vacation periods.

Technical projects

From concept to fittings, our specialists accompany you in the management of your technical projects -- including the design of allotted space.

Customized menus

We are happy to design an alternative menu for your teams and families who do not have the same needs as the residents of your heathcare facility.