Novae Restauration

Corporate restaurants

What better way to show how much you appreciate your teams than by offering them delicious and healthy food. It's a great way to make them want to come to the office!

School restaurants

Stimulate your students' intellectual capacity by offering meals full of vitamins and nutrients that promote healthy brain function.

Restaurants for healthcare facilities

For the pleasure of it, offer your residents a team that is passionate about putting happiness on their plates!

An environmentally sustainable
catering service devoted to delight.

In each of our restaurants, you'll find a dedicated team devoted to delighting the eyes and taste buds of our guests. Our job is to help you create the best catering service suited to your unique structure in order to achieve your objectives.
Our staff will suggest a suitable project, guaranteeing the satisfaction of your guests.

We say it, we do it!

We cater to your goals with tailor-made pleasure


Our staff is epicurean

Because we believe that those who can appreciate the finer things in life, can promise the best flavors and an unparalleled welcome to our guests. We are proud to do our job differently, to offer a genuine experience by ensuring that each moment spent with us is both an exchange and a pleasure.
To us, hospitality is expressed as much in the preparation of the dishes, as it is in the service of them. This is why we attach such great importance to the training of our employees — be it hard knowledge or soft skills. Come discover Novae’s top-notch sense of hospitality!

Our entourage is precious

The importance of proximity applies to us continuously and on several levels. Our unique purchasing model champions short distances by favoring local and ultra-local suppliers. We cultivate a real relationship with your organization and guests, to find a balance between their expectations and your objectives.
Proximity is also experienced internally; our teams are our most precious assets, which is why we offer them a healthy and secure work environment in which they can evolve and progress.

Our CSR policy is rigorous

In fact, it guides our every move. We are particularly sensitive to the fight against food waste and strive to use all goods entirely — from stem to root for vegetables, and from head to tail for meats — to reduce our environmental impact.
We have also established a list of forbidden foods, whether for nutritional or environmental reasons. Finally, acting in a committed manner means raising our guests’ awareness of our CSR and the nutritional challenges of gastronomy.

Essoham Djoua
Dishwasher - Canton of Biel

«Good communication is valued at Novae. Working at Novae means that you have easy access to your superiors. My job comes with different responsibilities every day, and I feel I'm vital to the restaurant's success. »

Mathilde Pailhes
Assistant restaurant manager

«Working at Novae means helping to promote environmentally responsible cuisine -- good for our taste buds and good for the planet.»

Julien Baud-Lavigne
Pastry chef

«You could say that the ends justify the means -- but at Novae, the means also justify the ends! Because working at Novae is having the means to use the best local produce for the best end result. We've learned to respond quickly to our clients' requests. Finally, working at Novae involves having team spirit by maintaining a constructive ambiance, in order for each person to be as efficient as possible.»

Emilie Verdan

«I'm proud to work for Novae. It stands for human values that are professional, family-oriented, and authentic. The company remains on a manageable scale, respects its employees, and honors their expertise.»

Jeanne Chaudron
Buyer - Head office

«I'm proud to work for Novae because a company with such human and environmental values offers incredible professional fulfilment! The teams' dynamism and thirst for innovation mean that there's never a dull moment at Novae.»

Tina Perna Mottier
Nutrition manager

«I appreciate working for a company that shares my values and allows me to evolve -- thanks to ongoing training and the support of my superiors. I enjoy working in an environment that constantly evolves and works for the well-being of our taste buds, our health, and that of our planet! »

Laurent Rossier
Fruits de Martigny

«Our range of innovative products has enabled us to develop a fruitful commercial relationship with Novae, whom we thank warmly for their excellent cooperation.»

Mayor of Le Grand-Saconnex
Magistrat en charge du Social - Ville du Grand-Saconnex

«We've been working with Novae for several years now, and we're delighted with the responsiveness and agility of the school catering team. Thanks to the enthusiasm of our head chef, we have been able to set up a number of projects to benefit the children who eat in our school restaurants. »

Pia Linder
Résidence Les Pervenches

«For years, we've been lucky to have a great team of professionals. They devise and prepare choice menus for our residents, IEPA tenants, and staff. They delight our taste buds every day, 7 days a week, all year round. Thank you, Novae Restauration SA, for training employees to listen and to perform with both the know-how and interpersonal skills that brighten our days."

Alonso Villada Ramirez
Alonso, tofu master

«At Swissoja, we've combined an ancestral Asian manufacturing technique with our local star ingredient, organic Swiss soy, to offer Novae quality tofu.»

Pascal Tardy
Global HQ P&C - JTI

«For 20 years now, Novae has been providing us with exceptional culinary and tasting experiences every single day. With their diverse dishes made with fresh, local produce, and their tailor-made service for our special events, they have constantly developed and refined their expertise in the field.»

Frazer Cairns

«As the director of the International School of Lausanne, our collaboration with Novae over the years has been a true success. Their high-quality catering service not only satisfies the nutritional needs of our students and staff, but also creates an exceptional culinary experience. The Novae director and team demonstrate an unwavering commitment to our school, by providing tailor-made solutions and ensuring that every meal is prepared with care. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, we have been able to offer a first-class culinary experience to our educational community.»

Frédérique Vallat
Human resources assistant

«Above all, working at Novae in the HR department means working with a solid, close-knit, and caring team! We're living proof of internal promotion. Solidarity and mutual support are the department's keywords. We're in constant communication with each other, and our spirits remain high. »

Valentin Chappuis
Domaine Agricole Chappuis

«We work with Novae in the spirit of a fair partnership that has enabled us to develop a relationship of mutual trust.»

Lara Graf
Domaine Agricole Graf

«Working with Novae is a way of forging a link between the terroir, gastronomy, and regional businesses. Offering niche products -- such as buffalo milk dairy products in Novae establishments -- highlights our region, assures customers of product traceability and quality, and raises our profile on a wider scale. Novae's establishments know perfectly well how to bring out the best in our products by enhancing them in the kitchen, which motivates us even more to continue our partnership that has already lasted almost 3 years. .»

Vincent Keuffer

«The collaborative approach we've had with Novae -- right from the outset -- has established a relationship of trust, and an environment conducive to innovation, that has enabled us to explore new approaches and to take on ambitious challenges together. Novae's availability and responsiveness have also been exemplary. This fluid and efficient cooperation has been a real driving force behind our joint success, enabling us to move forward rapidly and to achieve our objectives.»

Why Novae?

The chef's signature

The chef proffers his/her personality to each restaurant by composing the menus and by choosing which products and produce to work with.


For more flavor and nutritional intake, our meals contain more than 90% fresh or raw produce.

Local produce

Our foodstuffs are purchased from about a hundred producers -- and 75% of them are located in French-speaking Switzerland.


In true partnership with our customers, we reveal everything -- from the numbers, to the origins of our produce and products.

The best part

What makes our restaurants so successful are the close relationships between our teams, our customers, and our guests.

Client CSR approach

We support our clients' CSR initiatives by sharing lessons, expertise, and advice.

Don't miss a beat!