Sustainable food, a challenge for our generation, is now being introduced into school restaurants.

It is a transition that challenges our eating, cultural and sometimes family habits.

This is why Novae is making a commitment to support sustainable food across schools.

Together we will make sense of these changes!

Sustainable food in our school restaurants

This year Novae is running a major sustainable food event in all its school restaurants.

Throughout the year, children will discover actions and food choices related to sustainable food in their menus and in their school restaurant.

By developing this broad theme in a fun way, we hope to raise children’s awareness and appreciation of new tastes and consumption habits.

This event is organised in 3 sequences on specific themes related to sustainability:

  • Plant proteins
  • Local, seasonal and home-made products
  • Food waste and zero waste

In these articles, we share a lot of useful information on these subjects with you, but also provide practical tips and recipes to make at home.

The 5 pillars of sustainable evelopment at Novae

Responsible purchasing, reducing our ecological footprint, well-being at work, corporate philanthropy or inclusion through work: we are resolutely committed to improving our impact on society and the planet.

Sustainable food is therefore one of the many areas we are working on. To find out more about these commitments, we invite you to consult our 2021 Sustainability Report by clicking on the pink arrow.