n the demanding field of community catering, where quality and customer satisfaction are fundamental, it is essential that we support and develop our employees’ talent.

At Novae, we strongly believe that internal promotion is the key to achieving operational excellence, as well as providing a service that is professional and bespoke.

In this article, we explore why we find it so important to nourish our employees’ training and growth, and how our approach benefits both colleagues and customers.

1-Investing in internal talent

Our taste advocates are our most valuable asset!

This is why we place a strong emphasis on internal promotion and professional development.

This daily commitment produces tangible results:

  • Strengthening our corporate culture (85% of our employees are proud to work at Novae)
  • 1/3 of our employees have worked at Novae for more than 10 years, and more than 50 employees have been with us since Novae was created in 2003.
  • Very high customer satisfaction when it comes to our teams’ interpersonal skills and expertise (9.05/10 according to our 2023 results)

The secret Novae ingredient that makes all the difference is that our programmes are not just limited to technical skills. Personal development and emotional intelligence feature strongly on our continuing education courses.

It all adds up:

  • 1,200 hours of training
  • In 2023, 60% of senior positions were filled through promoting internally

2-Cultivating a growth mindset

Our model is one-of-a-kind.

Our organisation stands out in many ways, from using local distribution networks to producing managers with high autonomy and ultra-bespoke services… By offering development opportunities, we cultivate a unique environment that stands out, where our employees feel valued and motivated to grow with the company.

This framework pushes our employees to develop their creativity, break codes and go beyond existing standards.

From cooking to operations management and customer service, we encourage our employees to broaden their skill set and seize opportunities for progression.

3-Why promoting internally works

We strive to provide a stimulating work environment for our employees so that they can fulfil their potential and advance their careers.

For our customers, this means continuity and consistency in service delivery, which helps build trust.

But don’t take our word for it: read testimonials from two of our taste advocates:

Internal promotion is a reality at Novae. We believe in the importance of growing talent to provide exceptional services.

If you’re looking for a stimulating work environment where you can meet your full potential, join us!