This year marks our 20th anniversary, an important milestone in our journey. Over the past two decades, we have established a solid reputation for providing personalised service focused on the specific needs of each of our clients. We have been able to distinguish ourselves thanks to our fundamental values which have guided our activities since the creation of our company in 2003.

Strong foundations and values that are still relevant today

In 2003, Novae was created by 4 enthusiasts with a clear mission in mind: to become a unique player in the world of community catering.

They place the manager at the centre of the model as the true “leader” of their unit. A restaurant based on the quality of the products and on the pride of its teams in cooking and serving them.

Our achievements are based on principles that have shaped our identity and our success. Among them, we attach the uppermost importance to:

  • human touch and long-lasting relationships. One of the elements that sets us apart is our team of enthusiasts. At Novae, it is the men and women who make the difference. Their dedication, expertise and love of gastronomy is reflected in every meal they prepare. This human approach is at the heart and soul of our company, giving it a unique and warm dimension.
  • the promotion of local products and gastronomic culture. By promoting regional know-how and culinary traditions, we demonstrate our attachment to our roots.
  • respecting the environment in the broad sense: we work in favour of sustainable development, both for people and for the planet.

Our activity began with the takeover of 18 restaurants from the Coop. As it stands today, Novae has 187 employees and 11 staff at our headquarters.

Novae today

Over the past 20 years, we have evolved, but our values remain the same. Today, we define ourselves by three key principles: Proximity, Passion and Commitment.

These values continue to motivate us on a daily basis and act as a guide for our long-term strategic decisions.

We are proud to be able to count on a team of 700 gourmet enthusiasts, 80 loyal clients and 130 valuable partners!

ENG - Merci aux parties prenantes de Novae

The Celebration of 20 years of Novae: event in three unforgettable acts

“Pride, quality and tailor-made were the key words when Novae was created in 2003. They are even more relevant today. Two days of emotion and pleasure to measure the progress we have made but also to prepare us for new challenges with the issue of sustainable development as a priority. We want a company chosen by its clientele, its employees and its partners. A demanding and caring company that looks after its teams, trains and gives everyone opportunities for development and promotion. Let’s protect and develop Novae together!”

Christian Volmerange – Managing Director

We have reached the milestone of two decades, and to mark this exceptional achievement, we have organised an event in three acts that will go down in history.

photos des 20 ans de Novae

Act 1: Managers’ Day

It was the perfect time to celebrate and plan for our vision for 2030.

To shape our itinerary until 2030, we had the privilege of participating in the collaborative workshop “Utopia”, orchestrated by the inspiring Damien de Daag, in collaboration with Cartoonbase. This resulted in the creation of an artistic fresco that embodies our vision.

Faithful to our value of proximity, we also wanted to immerse ourselves in these precious moments of sharing and emotion. On this occasion we had the pleasure of strengthening our close ties with some of our agricultural partners.

Act 2: The Gala Evening

The gala evening was a magical moment, bringing together representatives of our stakeholders, namely our valued clients, partners and employees.

We imagined a gala dinner that stimulates the senses and the imagination, where the arts in all their forms are intertwined with gastronomy, all set in a magical place. We gathered around an exceptional menu highlighting our Swiss terroirs and Novae know-how.

Act 3: Employees’ Day

Under bright sunshine, Employees’ Day brought a smile to the face of everyone.

Approximately 600 guests, including Novae employees and their families, enjoyed entertainment for all ages. Activities such as a parent-powered carousel, wooden games, a juggler, a photobooth and percussion workshops punctuated the day, guaranteeing smiles and ever-lasting memories for all.

Each of these three acts contributed to making the celebration of Novae’s 20th anniversary an unforgettable event, combining celebration, vision and conviviality. Two days that reinforced our commitment to the future.

Novae tomorrow

We don’t just celebrate our past; we are resolutely looking to the future. Our company is committed to ensuring that our activities have a positive impact on all our stakeholders. This vision is at the heart of our daily decisions, but also of our long-term strategy.

In 2021, we published our first sustainability report, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. This report is accompanied by an ambitious roadmap for 2025, which aims to further strengthen Novae’s positive impact on society and the environment.

As we celebrate our twentieth anniversary, we look forward to continuing to deliver quality gourmet experiences while continuing our mission of responsibility to society and the planet. Novae remains a company anchored in its traditional values and resolutely focused on the future, ready to take on new challenges with passion and commitment.