to Meet Your Needs

At Novae, proximity is a core value that we talk about often – unsurprisingly, since it’s been a key part of our identity ever since our beginnings in 2003. But what does it mean, exactly? And more than that, what impact does it have on you?

As a catering company for communities in Switzerland, we firmly believe that the key to providing quality services lies in our ability to meet the specific needs of our customers. This is why we only offer bespoke services, and make a point of working closely with local farming partners.

In this article, you can discover how we combine proximity and tailor-made services to offer you a unique culinary experience at your company, school or healthcare facility.

1. Away days with our local partners

Every season, we arrange for our customers to visit our local partners’ farms, land and laboratories. These tours offer a unique opportunity to see and understand production processes. By visiting the farms, our customers can see for themselves the commitment our partners make to sustainable, environmentally friendly farming practices, as well as learning about their knowledge and expertise.

These immersive, fun experiences show our customers the quality and freshness of the products used in our kitchens. They reinforce transparency and build trust in our supply chain, demonstrating our commitment to providing local, fresh products.

visite partenaire novae

2. Tailor-made recipes developed alongside our chefs

Our chefs and dieticians work closely with our partners to develop exclusive recipes for our consumers, from unique coffee blends (in collaboration with Maison Cuendet – Swiss roaster since 1907) and sulphite-free artisan charcuterie to specially designed granolas (from collaborations between two Novae partners: Smart Cake and Mathieu Müller‘s Aronia berries).

These culinary creations have been developed to enhance the unprocessed products’ authentic flavours and nutritional qualities.

What’s more, our approach supports our partners’ growth and sustainability, fostering connections and encouraging a dynamic, supportive network.

Not only do these exclusive recipes make our offer more diverse, but they also celebrate the passion and expertise of our chefs and local producers. By making these creations part of our menus, we offer our consumers a richer culinary experience rooted in local offerings that respect the environment, through seasonal, locally grown products which reduce our carbon emissions.

3. Events and meetings at our restaurants

To create a direct link between producer and consumer, we also organise events at our restaurants. Our partners come to showcase their products, and our chefs turn them into delicious specials for everyone to try. These events are an opportunity for our consumers to meet the men and women behind our ingredients and discover their stories and expertise.

These meetings enrich the overall culinary experience for our customers, giving a deeper understanding and appreciation for where their daily meals come from. They also strengthen the sense of community and support for the local economy.

With Novae, your meals are prepared using local products, and enhanced with exclusive recipes that bring out the flavours and nutritional qualities of Swiss products. When you choose Novae, you support our unique purchasing model and actively participate in growing the local economy and resources. What’s more, our collective carbon footprint is considerably reduced through sourcing products locally, without ever compromising on quality or taste in our dishes!