Why choose Novae?

There are all sorts of good reasons to choose Novae, in particular. The first is that each of our restaurants is tailor-made to suit each client's objectives and wishes. Our chefs create their own menus and select their own produce. By choosing Novae, you're also supporting local producers, since we work with over 130 Swiss farmers and suppliers. And of course, when you choose Novae, you're ensuring that your teams, students, or residents will enjoy delicious food!

How are Novae menus created?

Carefully! The menus are designed for each restaurant by its chef (or chef manager) with the support and expertise of a team of executive chefs and are adapted to guests' needs and wishes -- all with an eye on nutritional balance, produce seasonality, and the budget as defined in agreement with the client.

How are Novae menus prepared?

Waste not, want not! For the vast majority of our venues, we cook everything on site. However, there are a few schools where menus are delivered from one of our other kitchens. As far as possible, we work with whole products: from stem to root for vegetables, and from head to tail for meats. We respect our producers' work too much to waste their precious products.

How are Novae products selected?

Conscientiously! Our produce is carefully sourced from a selection of local or ultra-local producers to give priority to local and seasonal foods. In Switzerland, we work with over 130 partners who are chosen for the quality of their work. Over 80% of these farming families are based within 70 kilometers.

Can you describe how Novae provides nutritionally balanced food?

Attentively! We follow the recommendations given by the Swiss Society of Nutrition and ad

apt to our clients' profiles: early childhood, adolescence, adults, and seniors. We also take part in a number of consumer information and awareness campaigns, such as Maybe Less Sugar. Our quality and nutrition manager is available to answer any questions you might have on Wednesdays, from 8:30 - 12:00. To reach her, call +41 21 804 60 10.

What concrete evidence do you have of Novae's CSR commitments?

We've earned both ISO 14001 certification and the Ecovadis gold medal, and the environmental footprint of our sourcing has been audited annually by Beelong since 2018. We're transparent; the results of our 2025 Roadmap are published and communicated directly to our clients. Detailed information on our CSR policy can be found in our sustainability report.

What is Eco-toque?

You may not have heard of it because it's exclusive to Novae. The Eco-toque label stems from an action plan based on eight themes and is designed to promote an even more sustainable and healthy offer, as well as to ensure the smooth transition of consumers' eating habits. Check out the detailed presentation of the Eco-toque label.

Where can I find a Novae restaurant?

Most of Novae's restaurants are privately owned, but we do have a few restaurants open to the public, mostly in tourist locations. You'll find the list of these special spots on mynovae.ch

How can I view the restaurant menus online?

We've made it simple. Go to mynovae.ch and enter your restaurant code. If you don't know the code, you can either ask a Novae staff member or chat to find one. Once you've entered the code, you'll see all the menus for the week.

Which hygiene measures are applied, and how are they monitored?

Faithfully! You're safe with us. All of our restaurants scrupulously follow HACCP rules. Not only do we carry out quarterly internal checks, but we are regularly inspected by the cantonal food inspectorate. Finally, we have obtained triple ISO certification, including 9001 for quality management.

Why join Team Novae?

Because Novae is a great place to work! There are many reasons to join us. One would be for the pleasure that comes with delighting guests by preparing and serving delicious well-balanced meals. And we take it all further with concrete steps to reduce our environmental impact by combating food waste, and by favoring partnerships with local producers. Plus, we offer advantageous working conditions. 

How do I apply for a job at Novae? 

Start by consulting our open positions and, if one of them matches your profile, follow the instructions to apply. And if there's nothing that sounds like you, don't hesitate to send us your spontaneous application. We know we cannot hire someone with certain skills and teach them to be passionate -- so, sometimes we hire passionate people and teach them certain skills.

How are Novae's visuals and communications created?

We keep it real! All photos and videos used on this site, on our social networks, and in Novae's communications are taken in real-life conditions. They are not plucked from image banks or staged, and faithfully represent our daily life and values of authenticity and transparency.

How can I view or request the deletion of my personal data?

No problem! Simply fill in the personal data form.