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Because we believe that those who can appreciate the finer things in life, can promise the best flavors and an unparalleled welcome to our guests. We are proud to do our job differently, to offer a genuine experience by ensuring that each moment spent with us is both an exchange and a pleasure.

To us, hospitality is expressed as much in the preparation of the dishes, as it is in the service of them. This is why we attach such great importance to the training of our employees — be it hard knowledge or soft skills. Come discover Novae’s top-notch sense of hospitality!

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Our staff is epicurean

The importance of proximity applies to us continuously and on several levels. Our unique purchasing model champions short distances by favoring local and ultra-local suppliers. We cultivate a real relationship with your organization and guests, to find a balance between their expectations and your objectives.

Proximity is also experienced internally; our teams are our most precious assets, which is why we offer them a healthy and secure work environment in which they can evolve and progress.




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Our entourage is precious

In fact, it guides our every move. We are particularly sensitive to the fight against food waste and strive to use all goods entirely — from stem to root for vegetables, and from head to tail for meats — to reduce our environmental impact.

We have also established a list of forbidden foods, whether for nutritional or environmental reasons. Finally, acting in a committed manner means raising our guests’ awareness of our CSR and the nutritional challenges of gastronomy.


fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, produced without heated greenhouses


of our meats sourced in Switzerland or France

CSR Report

In 2021, we published our first sustainability report and an ambitious roadmap for 2025.

Our corporate certifications

Some of our restaurants are also certified...

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Our CSR policy is rigorous