Novae is taking concrete action to significantly reduce its energy consumption in a sustainable way.

The energy and environmental crisis is forcing us all to be extremely vigilant when it comes to energy consumption. Novae is no exception: for several weeks now, we have been actively raising awareness and supporting our teams, both in our restaurants and at head office, to reduce our consumption as much as possible.

In our restaurants

These actions have been thought out and implemented with the aim of saving as much energy as possible, while maintaining the same level of quality and safety for our customers.

At all our customer sites, this commitment is reflected in energy-saving measures in two areas:

1 – Reminding all our staff of “good habits”, such as turning off lights, cutting off standby power or switching on equipment just before use, rather than when they arrive in the kitchen.

2 – Optimize the use of energy-intensive equipment: assemble merchandise to dispense with a fridge or freezer whenever possible, limit the number of systems in operation, switch off certain equipment the day before long closures…

These actions will of course be adapted to each site’s specific operational requirements and existing savings opportunities.

Find out more about our on-site energy-saving initiatives.

At head office

Energy-saving measures will also be implemented in our head office. After analyzing the main energy consumption items, the following measures have been taken:

  • lower heating
  • automatic switch-off of certain equipment outside office hours
  • removal/replacement of energy-hungry equipment
  • reminding people to do the right thing…

These actions should enable us to save almost 20% of the energy normally consumed by our headquarters offices.

Our approach

The prospect of an energy crisis is forcing us to rethink the way we consume our energy. Beyond these crises, we want to make the majority of these changes permanent, and we are committed to continuing to raise awareness among our teams of the “right reflexes” to avoid wasting energy and limit the footprint of our activity.