Our daily choices have a direct impact on our environment. These 3 actions will enable you to make a real beneficial impact.

Why choose seasonal products ?

especting the season means enjoying fruit and vegetables at the time of year when nature gives them everything they need to grow (heat, sun, water, etc.).

In the off-season, it takes a lot of energy to artificially recreate the same conditions (e.g. greenhouses) or to transport the products from other parts of the world by plane, boat or road!

To help you choose your fruit and vegetables based on the season, we have created a calendar for each season (feel free to scroll and download them by clicking on the pink arrow):

calendar for each season

Why choose local products

Choosing local products means being sure that the food we eat has not travelled hundreds of kilometres to reach our plates. It also helps to provide employment for people in the local area!

At Novae, we support short and ultra-short supply lines whenever possible. We also develop many partnerships directly with local producers.

Below you can find the partners in your canton:

  • Partners in the Vaud canton
  • Partners in the Geneva canton

Why cook at home instead of buying ready-made meals

  • Cooking is a way of spending time with the family. Children are much more curious about trying new flavours when they have prepared their own food.
  • By preparing what we eat ourselves, we can season to our taste and limit our intake of salt, sugar and additives.
  • Supermarket products are often over-packaged and their packaging is not always recyclable. Cooking “at home” therefore often allows you to reduce your waste!
  • For example, you can make your own cakes and rolls and take them to school in a washable and reusable snack box, rather than buying packaged single portions.
  • Our chef Patrick has concocted a superb apple cake recipe for your future snacks: Patrick’s apple cake