At Novae, training is a tool for loyalty, sharing, and excellence.

Our vision of training

The way we see it, training is a long-term investment aimed at developing our employees’ skills and performance, as well as offering them a source of professional and personal fulfilment. We’re committed to the continual self-improvement of each member on Team Novae — that’s why our training catalogue includes courses on know-how, as well as on interpersonal skills and personal development.

We value our in-house trainers and give them support to transmit both their expertise and their passion. And we reap the benefits: 

● Optimal service quality — a real plus for our clients

● Smiling, happy teams — the guarantors of caring, high-quality service

● Employee loyalty

● Increased motivation by offering real prospects for internal career development.

In practice, this translated to 60% internal for positions as managers, chefs, sous-chefs, maîtres d’hôtel, and cafeteria managers in 2022 — all this, thanks to our ongoing training policy!

5 questions for Gilles Cazals, Training Manager

How many training courses are offered at Novae?

In 2022, 39 different training modules were offered and delivered to Novae employees. From the culinary field to occupational health and safety, from management to personal development — not to mention “à la carte” training for head office teams. With the support of our experts, our in-house trainers, and the management committee, I study, develop, and adapt all training needs according to the evolution of our businesses and the demands of our clients and consumers.

Why is it important for employees?

Training at Novae is an essential marker, enabling us to support employees in the development of their skills throughout their career with the company. 

The training courses foster a sense of identification with Novae, which invests in developing its employees’ knowledge without losing sight of its objective of satisfying its clients.

One of the original features of our training courses is that they focus on emotional intelligence, with themes such as Optimism, Empathy, and Intuition. These courses have quickly become very popular among our teams, thanks to the sharing and emotions explored during these sessions. They successfully reinforce the value we place on interpersonal skills and team spirit.

Novae, a learning company in terms of know-how and interpersonal skills?

The two pillars of our service professions are intertwined; ensuring the highest level of expertise in our culinary services is only possible by keeping our kitchen teams highly efficient and trained in the latest techniques and with the use of ultra-local produce. These are what’s shaping the cuisine of today, and that of tomorrow.

Along with that, such good dishes deserve to be accompanied by impeccable service with excellent interpersonal skills on a daily basis. That’s why our training courses, such as “Public Speaking” and “Respectful Interaction,” are given throughout the year. They underpin the importance of good communication with consumers and our entire restaurant team, and nurture self-confidence.

What does Novae aim to achieve with these soft skills?

By emphasizing the importance of interpersonal skills on a daily basis, we are promoting our values of proximity and commitment, and the need to listen carefully to our clients in order to understand and meet their needs, as well as their culinary expectations.

This is the major pedagogical axis on which our “Customer Relations” training and “TEAM Novae” days are based, when I share these key values with new employees joining us.

For many years now, we have observed that day-to-day relationships forge a bond of trust between Novae and its clients, to the point where our teams become an integral part of the company, EMS, or school restaurant in which they work, without being considered as external service providers of some kind.

How long have you been with Novae?

I’ve been on Novae’s team for over 4 years now, after a 20-year career in the hotel business, and a return to studying 5 years ago to obtain my Swiss Federal Certificate as an Adult trainer… because there’s no age limit to learning 🙂