Passion for food that supports employment and innovation

For several years, we have been nurturing our plans to create an academy that follows our Novae model: unique, human, innovative, sustainable and committed to food. Through the academy, not only do we want to share our passion for cooking through training, but we also want to explore the many possibilities our sector offers for evolution and innovation. We firmly believe that the restaurant of tomorrow will need to respond to new consumer habits while respecting the environment and promoting our region’s culinary expertise.

With this in mind, we are delighted to announce the opening of our Novae Academy, an innovative and inspiring training centre at Le Spark restaurant in Plan-les-Ouates.

A training centre that supports employment

The Novae Academy is much more than a simple training centre for the catering professions. Designed in partnership with the Cantonal Employment Office (OCE), it is one of Plan-les-Ouates’ vocational training campuses. Our one-of-a-kind academy is dedicated to developing the skills of today and tomorrow, meeting current employability challenges in the catering sector.

In collaboration with the OCE, we offer training opportunities for jobseekers looking to join the catering industry. Le Spark Restaurant is a space where gastronomy finds a perfect pairing with training and returning to work. Our team of passionate professionals supports participants throughout their journey, enabling them to acquire the skills they need to succeed in a dynamic, constantly evolving sector.

A centre for culinary innovation and research

The Novae Academy stands out for its avant-garde, innovative approach. It has been designed as a true centre for culinary innovation, research and development. We explore new food trends, anticipate emerging expectations, and constantly seek to better meet our customers’ needs as they change and develop.

Our food laboratory is a testing ground to understand and anticipate the needs of the food transition and technological innovations. We develop sustainable, innovative solutions that meet current challenges in the catering industry.

Bespoke training to attract and retain talent

The Novae Academy offers bespoke training that allows our employees to develop their skills and evolve in our company. We believe that continuous training is essential to attract new talent and retain people who share our values ​​and ambitions. It also guarantees all our customers an optimal service quality.

The Novae Academy represents our strong commitment to sharing our passion for cooking and supporting skills development in the catering industry. We are proud of this initiative, and we look forward to seeing new talents emerge and thrive on our innovative training programs.