Novae signs the canton of Fribourg’s “Let’s cook locally” charter

On May 19, 2022, the 5 restaurants managed by Novae in the canton of Fribourg all signed the “Let’s cook locally” charter drawn up and supported by various departments in the canton.

Including the following restaurants:

● Le Terminus (TPF restaurant in Givisiez)

● Le Plexus (Groupe E restaurant in Granges-Paccot)

● UCB Farchim restaurant in Bulle

● Le Vivier restaurant in Villaz-St-Pierre

● The Nespresso restaurant in Romont

Joining this charter entails a commitment to cook and to honor local products and, more broadly, to respect the principles of an envronmentally sustainable and balanced diet (by favoring seasonal products, labels, developing plant-based alternatives…). The signatory restaurants are monitored by the Terroir Fribourg association, benefit from training courses, and commit to new objectives each year in order to move toward greater environmental sustainability and to increase the proportion of local products offered.

This commitment by Novae’s Fribourg restaurants is perfectly in line with the “ultra-local” sourcing objective defended by Novae, and is responsible for the autonomy of our chefs and our direct partnerships with farmers — without intermediaries or central purchasing agencies — the very strength of our model in the world of collective catering.