A Tangible Commitment to Our Stakeholders

At Novae, proximity is one of our core values. But what does it mean, exactly? We demonstrate proximity through solid, authentic relationships with our stakeholders: our customers, employees and partners. We are committed to meeting their expectations and helping them achieve their goals.

To illustrate our value of proximity, we are glad to share more about our collaboration with the Graf family’s farm in Bernex (GE), one of our privileged partners.

Graf family’s farm

Logo famille Graf

The Graf family’s farm (Ferme de la Famille Graf) is GRTA (Geneva-Region-Terre-Avenir) certified. Renowned for its buffalo dairy products, such as mozzarella and yoghurt, it also offers beef and pork reared in Switzerland, with a deep respect for animals and the environment.

Our Collaborations

  1. Developing a laboratory: We supported the development of our partner’s yoghurt laboratory, allowing the farm to expand its product range.
  2. Sharing expertise in food safety: We shared our expertise in hygiene and quality, particularly in the HACCP system, to ensure that the farm’s products meet the strictest standards.
  3. Volunteering: Our teams regularly participate in volunteering at the farm, namely by sorting the farm’s biowaste and contributing to more sustainable operations.
Proximité Novae-partenaire _ Graf - bénévolat

What is the impact on your plate?

Through our collaborations, we can offer you fresh, local products that are the result of artisan expertise!

By investing in our local partners and supporting their growth with expertise from our various specialists, we can offer you a greater variety of better quality products.

This commitment also boosts the local economy and allows us to maintain a varied, innovative offering of Swiss products.

Partenaire Novae _ Famille Graf

For us, proximity isn’t just a value; it’s a tangible commitment that is visible in all our work with our partners. Our partnerships go further than a traditional business relationship: they are an exchange of processes and expertise, mutual support for shared growth.

Discover the Novae difference, bringing together quality, respect for the environment and support for the local economy for the benefit of all.